Slots Player Banks $1.9 Million Vegas Jackpot

Slots Player Banks $1.9 Million Vegas Jackpot

News of another million dollar slots jackpot in Vegas has had ears across the Atlantic ringing in recent months. According to reports by the Las Vegas Sun, a woman identified as Nicole L enjoyed a life changing slots win after moving to Sin City in March 2015.
Keen to sample the city's finest delights, Nicole took up the offer of a coupon sent to her in the mail by Station Casinos and decided to visit the Fiesta Hnderson casino and play some slots. A few spins later and the plucky player managed to roll in Zolatan's Fortune's jackpot worth $1.9 million.
Stunned by the win, Nicole told the local press that the game "just caught her eye" but that she nonetheless ecstatic with the prize. With Nicole taking a chance and playing a game she enjoys, we look at the age-old question: are live or online slots better? When you join an online site you are going to have a better experience playing slots than if you were to visits Vegas?

Live vs. Online Slots


When it comes to accessibility, online slots, moreover mobile slots, win hands down compared to live games. Because you can simply go online, navigate to a platform such as 32Red, Jackpot Joy or Sky Vegas, and start spinning within a few minutes, it means virtual slots have become hugely popular for millions.
Although live slots offer much more of an "experience" the process of getting dressed up and travelling to a casino takes time and many punters aren't willing to commit this much time to the cause.
Innovative Jackpots: In terms of jackpots, both the live and online mediums offer comparative prizes. Vegas casinos are able to payout some huge sums of money in slot prizes, but this is something many online operators also have the ability to do. Indeed, when you navigate 32Red's or Sky Vegas' interface, games such as The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man and Mega Moolah all regularly boast jackpots in excess of $1 million.
However, one area in which live slots sometimes have the edge is additional prizes. Vegas casinos will often give away cars, motorbikes or luxury holidays along with cash prizes and this is something you don't usually see on the Internet.
Better Bonuses: While live slot games sometimes have additional prizes for jackpot winners, it's the online arena where players get the most additional value. Although some brick and mortar venues give away comps (such as meal tickets or entry to clubs etc), the online casino world has this area of the game locked up with a slew of bonuses. From deposit bonuses for new players, to VIP rewards for players that generate a certain amount of points, these bonuses allow all online spinners to earn more cash for free.

In for the Spin

For many players, a live slot is as good as an online slot. Indeed, if you love the genre then it doesn't matter what style of game you play. However, if you are looking to try something new or simply want a better insight into what your options are, then it's worth considering the differences outlined above. In most instances, online slots will be the go to choice for many players; however, as Nicole showed, live slots can also be extremely lucrative.